Thursday, December 04, 2008

weapon of choice

the rat bat
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Imagine thinking you have a rat in your hair as you sleep. Imagine waking up and thinking it was only a dream. Imagine finding out it wasn't a dream.

I thought I dreamt a rat played in my hair and then stole my orange earplugs. Last night I found out it really happened.

I hear a noise about 2 a.m. I turned on the light. I saw a rat scurry along the east wall, turn and run under my bed. I squealed like the proverbial elephant in the cartoons. My mom got a shoe and rapped it against the wall. The rat ran out. We don't know where it went. I cautiously lifted the bedclothes and peered under the bed. There were my two earplugs, neatly in place and now Gnawed into useless orange bits.

I had to sleep with all the lights on.

Get me a bat.