Monday, July 23, 2007

fight corporate domination

I've been in the dumps lately because I'm so tired. Yesterday I realized (again!) it's no good having the attitude of "I'm so tired, my brain's so numb, I can't do anything." I knew I'd better snap out of it. Today is Day One of my new attitude. I'm trying to get back to my old routine as much as possible, thumbing my nose at tiredness. It's a fight every day.

I did this page in my art journal a few weeks back. I was experimenting with layering rubber stamps & it was the first time I attached tags to a piece (at least I think it was). It was a premonition of how I knew I was going to be feeling after a few weeks of long hours and unfortunately it came true.


wastedpapiers said...

Hazel has been suffering from lack of energy and the doc. put her on a course of iron pills. They seem to work as she's not so lethargic as she used to be.

Marcia said...

thanks, Michael. Alas, this happens every summer....several months of 10-hour workdays trying to beat deadlines as we prepare the Holiday Catalogs for Christmas. When the madness is over in Sept. I should recover.

lee said...

i love this peice, i never have put tags on anything either and isnt it funny I have been thinking about it lately. I also have been thinking about spray cans of paint and stencils, which i am going to try, I also saw some tags spray painted it was really a great effect.