Friday, August 27, 2004

me encanta

I'm supplementing my meager knowledge of espanol by watching tv commercials on some of our local Spanish stations. Might as well use corporate money to further my education. This one is the equivalent of "I'm lovin' it" used by McDonald's. My brain doesn't see it that way though. It comes across more like "I'm enchanted" or "I'm charmed". yeah, charming, a fried piece of dead cow terrorized in its last moments by some masked man amongst a thousand other frightened mooing bovines.

The other phrase I've learned is "agarra calle" which is volkswagen's slogan. I think it's something like "take the street", or "catch the street." Many many years ago when I visited Mexico there was a widely used slogan among young people "agarra la onda" which was literally to "catch the wave" and meant "get it on" or "get with it".

I found a great "headline" for Jay Leno in the newspaper. It's an obituary index and one of the names is J. Deadmon. Dead-Mon, Dead-Man, get it? oh, yeah... I hope they use it. Maybe I'll get a free t-shirt or something. I'm usually willing to accept free apparel. Or free food.

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