Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Invention of Dreams

I got a request to trade an ATC I accidentally left in a swap group two years ago. I thought the group had disintegrated but apparently it has been recently revived. I couldn't find the original ATC so I made this one as a substitute. I had forgotten how much I used to enjoy making these little art pieces. They were my real introduction to collage.

I hope the recipient likes it. It's always so hard to let go of the pieces because I know I'll never be able to replicate them. (one of those clinging desires Buddhism tries to free you of)

I've been discouraged and/or uninspired of late, and had been thinking all the time I was spending organizing my clippings and tossing out extraneous papers was just a useless exercise in busy-ness. It had begun to feel like an excuse to not do art. Making this ATC showed me how nice it is to have things in a place where you can find them. I think I'll feel better about continuing the spring collage cleaning now.

Now I have to get to work on some pages for a chunky book swap due this week.


m i c h e l l e said...

Seriously cool ATC.

And I so know what you mean about creating something from your heart, just to give it away. I always think I'll recreate a piece that I send out in the world but the reality is once it's been expressed, I am incapable of duplicating it! :-)

Have fun creating in your chunky book swap. That sounds fun!!!!

Monica Yvette said...

Very nice! I'm pretty sure that whomever gets the piece will like it.

Crafty Green Poet said...

That's lovely, very impressive. I find it difficult to make pieces and then give them away, though its easier if I'm making them very specifically for a particular person. I think organising supplies can be very helpful!