Monday, July 11, 2005


Ed & I went out at midnight last night and saw three skunks. One was a farily large one on the northeast corner at the far edge of the field abutting our parking lot. We have seen a skunk only once before on this side of the warehouse. This one ran away as did the previous one so we think it may be the same individual. Most of the skunks just look at us and keep doing what they're doing. Last night we also saw two smaller skunks on the west side of the building where we usually see them. They were foraging in their "regular" locations.

I've now become extremely irritable. I'm always tired and we may be going to a six-day work week this week. Of course the extra money will be nice but as I do every year I question whether or not it's worth the loss of my sanity for two or more months.

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