Thursday, July 28, 2005

pack your stuff, turn in your badge,
turn off the lights

Note from my boss yesterday: Our daily list of "things to do." He didn't even have time to type it.

I've been given the day off but not for a good reason. It's more than 3 days that our proofing system has been down. In the printshop every minute the press is down is money lost. In pre-press the same goes for the imagesetter. Our onsite operation has only one customer and they're not the forgiving kind. The techs brought in a new worm drive and new laser heads for the XP and they still can't make it work, so they've retrieved our ancient proofer from the bowels of storage and are trying to make it live again. If it does, the next three days & nights will be a marathon of catching up. We'll know by Monday, I think, if we still have jobs.

thanks a bunch, kodak.

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