Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Witnessing one corporation blatantly trying to screw another one was a shock. The aftermath is making life miserable for us drones who do production.

At the heart of the matter is this Kodak XP Proofing System. We had two ten-year-old Kodak proofers and Kodak convinced the powers-that-run-my-office this new one would be twice as fast with better quality. So we bought one. First we thought it was funny there was no documentation for the software. Then when something went wrong a few weeks after installation someone peering at the innards found a sticker dated 2002. We had paid for a new machine and received a three-year-old refurbished one. The installer 'fessed up and All Hell broke loose with the powers-that-run-my-office. Threats of lawsuits (according to the grapevine) convinced Kodak to replace the machine with the machine we had paid for.

I think they screwed us again. We haven't had the machine run for an entire week yet without something going wrong. There are only two technicians for the entire southwest u.s. so we often have to wait while they fly their guy in from Colorado or Oklahoma. Now that we're in the midst of our major summer crunch our "fast machine" has been inoperable for over 36 hours and the technician can't find the problem. We are steadily falling behind schedule. Our customer was understanding yesterday but today or tomorrow will be a different story.

Litigation is certain to occur.

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