Friday, November 03, 2006

baby roses

Behind the house is a rose bush almost as tall as the house itself. Just over a month ago it started producing a few tiny but very aromatic pink roses. Each weekend there are more of them and these are coming from a shrub which hasn't been watered regularly through more than a year of drought! I found out this rose bush was given to a previous owner by her daughter, who told me it was one of the "old" roses. Maybe I can find out what variety it is.

It's frustrating that things take so long for me to do. I had estimated a 2-3 week time frame to complete the bathroom, but that's not gonna happen. I originally estimated 1 day for demolition, 1 day for insulating, 1 day for the plumber, 1 day to install the backerboard, 1 day to lay the tile, and 1 day for grouting. Well, it took 3 days for the demo, so right away I was off schedule. I was able to install the insulation in one day but I didn't allow time to scrape off the old caulk from the tub and time to kill the mildew, so that's the next step. I finally finished assembling all the drawers for the kitchen cabinets and got about half of the cabinet doors installed. I'm having problems with the hinges: they're not all made the same, just as the cabinets were not all made the same. Maybe that's why Home Depot is discontinuing their Mill's Pride brand of ready-to-assemble cabinets. The Ikea shelving that I assembled was of much more uniform quality than the Home Depot stuff, which incidentally, was "made in the u.s.a." Have we sunk so low we haven't the skill to make simple furniture for the common folk?

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