Tuesday, November 07, 2006

swatch junkie

I Love Color! Am thinking about painting my living room with pink & orange. Or maybe doing a colorwash of ochre over cream or red over ochre with some dark brown accents. Decisions, decisions. I want some vibrance from color yet I need one wall which will allow the eclectic art on it to pop, too.

I got the idea to use hot pink when I began texturing the walls with the DAP joint compound that goes on pink and dries to white. Putting that stuff on the wall is like trying to spread silly putty - very difficult compared to the stuff I'm used to, but it was the only brand available the day I bought it. The more I saw of that bright magenta or bubble-gum pink, the more I thought it would look good on the particular wall I was texturing. Alas, it has now dried and I can't quite remember what color it was.

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