Sunday, November 05, 2006


We're getting a sporadic misting rain today. Another miss calculation by the weather predictors, as we weren't supposed to see moisture until Wednesday. Folks seem to be a little more touchy about rain forecasts since we need it so badly. Yesterday I found a few patches of yellow wood-sorrel blooming under the shelter of the blanket of ragweed that covers about half the back yard. There are some pink oxalis blooming in the front of the house, but those are the domesticated variety. While many consider the yellow type to be a "weed" I think they are just as pretty as the pink ones, especially when they peek through a carpet of green like this.

I think some of my tiredness stems from being in limbo between houses. We're still living at the Dallas house but the majority of our belongings are in McKinney. Yesterday I saw my coffee maker for the first time in many moons and now I'm getting a yen for coffee. Am making my tea extra strong & omitting milk in the meantime.

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KK said...

Great Photography!