Saturday, November 04, 2006


Kind of a gloomy day today. Not cold, but gray. The clouds said "rain" but none ever came. Spent a short 3 hours at the house transferring things from the storage building indoors and getting things in better order. Was busy the whole time but didn't seem to accomplish much. I didn't even start on the tub cleanup I had hoped to finish today. I think the 2 or 3 days a week of driving to and from McKinney and never having a real day "off" is telling on me. I seem to have worn out quickly yesterday and today. So now I'm home (where the outdoors is still gloomy) with my pot of chai tea and a new episode of "Ugly Betty" ready for viewing on Later of course there's my tape of this week's episode of "lost" which I haven't seen yet.

Here's a pic of part of the (allegedly) 100-year-old picket fence that extends from our back gate across 15 or so feet to the neighbor's fence. When we first saw it we didn't know it was old and the historical preservation officer gave us a permit for a chain link fence without batting an eyelid, so we only thought someone had gone to a LOT of trouble to make a fence this way. My neighbor told us a previous owner had been refused a permit for a privacy fence by the historical society because they wanted to remove the pickets. I had planned to save as much of the fence as I could because it was odd - now I have to research it and find out if it really is as old as my neighbor says. Apparently baling wire was the duct tape of the 1800's. Everything that could be repaired or held together with it was.

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