Friday, June 08, 2007

Studio Friday: SP(E)ACIAL!

Take a look around your at your studio much space do you have?
Take a look at your does your space influence your art in any way? Do you create small or large art works? Do you see a parallel?
Take a look at your dream studio space (yippieh!)...what does it look like? What is the layout? Is it big or small? And most important of all: What art do you create in it? Will it be on a larger or smaller scale than before? And what can you do to get closer to your vision this week/month/year?

I don't know if you can tell from the photo, but my office/studio is a long narrow room that was a porch once upon a time. Before we moved into the house I pictured it as a cozy workspace; now I feel hemmed in. It may be partly because of the shape, but it's probably more from the clutter that I just can't keep in order. As we're remodeling, this room becomes the catchall space for stuff that's in the way elsewhere, so I end up working at the kitchen table. I have to go through my mom's bedroom to enter this space and that can be limiting, as I sometimes like to work late at night and I don't want to disturb her sleep. Overall, my creativity seems to be hemmed in; that part of my brain is a narrow cluttered place without easy access.

I know the situation will improve and that I will have to be patient, so instead of an ideal studio, I'm dreaming about how to make my existing space work. This old window that is currently the wall between the office and the sunroom will be removed and replaced with a french door. That should allow more natural light to immediately begin streaming in. The opening from the office to my mom's bedroom will be walled up and I'll be able to put up another set of shelves to contain the clutter. I'll then be able to lower the work surface so I can sit instead of stand while working. The carpet will be taken out and hardwoods installed over the old porch flooring. Updated wiring will provide me with good lighting and enough outlets to power all my doodads. And proper insulation in the walls will ensure it's a comfortable place to work year-round!

I've got to finish the bathroom first, though!


Stephanie said...

I think the ideas for your studio space sound wonderful...good luck!!

Yes, I am always concerned with the floors, the work I usually do does not include paint and when I do paint I have to spread out tarps all over, not fun!!

Abbie said...

oh! I think its a fantastic space! Once you can utilize it alittle more efficiently, it sounds perfect! Besides too much space can be just as overwhelming as not enough. (and can feel barren and cold) Good luck with all your home improvements!
:) Abbie

Monica Yvette said...

Sounds like a plan! I can't wait to see what you do in the long run with your space.

lee said...

your ideas sound great...can't wait to see your dream come true. To much space can also be a problem kind of cold and lifeless (sadly that is not my problem with to much space either)