Tuesday, August 09, 2005

anyone for spinach?

I’m Popeye the Garbage Man,
I live in a garbage can,
I eat with the chickens,
I stink like the dickens,
I’m Popeye the Sailor Man.

Would that a can of spinach could make the undead wake! I might try it. That slimy green glop my mom once shlorped onto my plate when I was little was one of the things that put me off the stuff early in life. It reminded me of the contents of the spittoons at one of my dad’s hangouts. One of my dad’s friends had a room, probably it was the living room, with only bare wood floors and a few chairs in it, and the spittoon in the corner. They’d chew tobacco and then spit in the general direction of the corner, often missing the can and hitting the floor or wall instead. I couldn’t understand how Popeye could swallow a whole can at once. It wasn’t until fifteen or twenty years later that I discovered fresh spinach – dainty crunch leaves best had uncooked or only dunked for a few moments in boiling water.

Someone erected a statue of Popeye in Crystal City, Texas, which calls itself “The Spinach Capital of the World.”

Oh, yeah, here are the real words to the Popeye song.

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