Thursday, August 18, 2005

late & early

The first pecans of the season have started falling. They are mostly green and small, about 1" long. These are what my mom calls the "misfits," the nuts that for whatever reason weren't meant to ripen. The main crop will fall in late October, I think. I can't seem to remember dates from year to year.

We've also had a pretty good crop of June bugs this last week. I've often wondered how they came to be named as their numbers usually peak in the month before or after June but rarely within the month itself. Perhaps in an ideal average summer they fly in June. Our summer this year hasn't been unusually hot or unusually wet. The official numbers say we're behind on rainfall, but the numbers come from DFW airport, which is in Grapevine, 30 or so miles from where I live. Hereabouts you can be in the midst of a toad-drenching downpour yet walk across the street to bask in sunshine on dry land.

Last night a family of kildeers appeared during our night walk. The parking lot resounded with their "KEET, KEET" noises and we watched 4 or 5 juveniles running to check in with the parent bird. It won't be long now before work schedules revert to non-summer hours and I'll probably have to give up my nighttime nature walks.

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