Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Our Lady of Perpetual Filing
and other broken idols

We're two days behind schedule at work but hanging on. We're all tired. I just don't know how some of my co-workers have the fortitude to withstand twelve and fourteen hours day after day after day without going bonkers. Or how they safely make the drive to and from work. Every night on the way home I hope desperately I won't be required to make any split-second driving decisions.

Tiredness makes you stupid. You know you're tired when you step into the shower and suddenly realize the water's running, you're completely wet, and have made no move towards either soap or shampoo. Some people get wired. I hear their voices at work, accelerating in pitch and volume until they just can't stop and the words run on endlessly - nonsensically. You forget the names of people you see every day. You put your hand on your computer mouse and forget what it is. Your mind goes blank when you stare at your monitor. You pretend to work and somehow you sleepwalk through the day and get something done.

It's time for me to listen to "Industrial Strength Tranquilizers" by the Austin Lounge Lizards. That song usually gives me lift or at least a smile.

There's a lot of wisdom here amongst the employees,
Some of us are street smart, and some have PhD's.
We're all tired and bored but we've all found ways to cope.
Some of us drink after work; the rest of us smoke dope

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