Thursday, August 11, 2005

energy solutions

I came across an article about restoring energy which I had hoped might help us at work. I don’t know what kind of world this person lives in but here’s my take on it(Her steps, My solutions).

1. Monitor the Symptoms & Determine the Solution - Symptoms - overworked & underpaid. Solution – win the lotto

2. Honor Your Body with Healthy Intake and Plenty of Sleep – we’re trying to get the company to pass out gas masks to filter the mold and pesticides spewing from the air ducts at work. We would order some clean air for North Texas, too, but they don’t ship to here. As for sleep, Our A1 Employees just loll back their heads and sleep at their work station

3. Exercise – our daily work is an exercise in frustration

4. Drink Lots of Water – also as much soda pop, coffee, tea, and any other caffeine-laced liquid that crosses your path

5. Eliminate Clutter – I need a bigger cubicle to do that

6. Handle Aggravations – Dump our Kodak XP and replace our outmoded computers and worn-out monitors. Hire freelancers who show up and who spend more time working than talking on the phone

7. Under Commit – tell that to our corporate bosses

8. Add Fun to Your Life Regularly – We often take time to laugh at people who have turned $500 statues into shrapnel by dropping them on the floor

9. Take Time for Spiritual Development – if only we had any spirit left

10. Accept Your Life as it is with Gratitude – it could be worse, right? and I'm looking at the winning lotto ticket here in my hand right now!

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