Saturday, August 13, 2005

dogs have the right idea

naps, food, chasing squirrels.....
wonder why they sleep with their tongues hanging out?

The prospect of having a day off kept me going Thursday night, giving me something to look forward to, but I've spent most of today napping. The tension on the strings that control my puppet motions was removed and I collapsed into a useless heap. Just can't make myself move. I have rubber limbs. I'm just so tired. I don't know how K at work has gone 41 days without a break. I wouldn't be seeing straight at that point.

My back has also begun to complain vociferously. It took nearly a year to get over the pain of my herniated disc and only two months of ten-hour-plus-days to annoy it again. I'm popping aspirin or tylenol every four hours and increasing my stretching exercises in an effort to avoid another meltdown. I still have a few tabs of Lodine, a super-duper anti-inflammatory I'm to take only when in dire straits, and if that fails, I guess I can fall back on Darvocet to kill the pain. This is where hoarding medicine pays off. If I play my cards right I can dose myself for any occasion.

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