Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Kodak C.S.I.

The Great Yellow Father in Rochester has sent us two high priests to lay hands on the XP. It had run intermittently since its last breakdown, so we were hopeful it would get us through the summer. Thursday it went down for about 6 hours but they got it going until Saturday when it screamed as it did that last time. The technician was there until midnight and returned for 5 hours on Sunday. Now the priests have arrived with their holy water and incantations. We heard the crashing of demons as the great machine heaved itself and rocked on the concrete floor. Then silence. The pieces were put in and the lid closed but it does not run. We believe last rites may be adminstered today and then we're going to use a sawsall to cut a large hole in the wall and roll the damned thing through so it can crash down to the parking lot below. We would be pleased to allow the tractor-trailer rigs finish it off. It dragged us down all summer and we won't be sorry to have the drama end.

I'm tired, grumpy and jumpy. We all are. I'm down to sleep, eat, drive, work, drive, sleep. Writing in this blog and reading the daily comic strips are my main non-work activities. I'm still nature-walking at night but my senses are dulled. I see things that aren't there and I miss things that are. I need two days off so I can sleep.

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