Friday, April 20, 2007

the eyes have it!

The sky was overcast but bright and it seemed ideal for shooting macros. I shot 3 or 4 different small flies sampling wildflower nectar but this one is just crazy: its eyes take up most of its head. The camera can see so many things I can't with my faulty vision, and it gives me so much more to appreciate about everyday things.

I've got a crush on my new electrician. I guess I can't resist a guy in a uniform. This guy certainly was a credit to his crisp white shirt with sewn-on nametag and navy blue Dickie's pants cinched with a leather western belt. It didn't take him long to get that shirt dirty, creeping through the tight attic space above the bathroom. He did a great job. I feel a lot safer now those old wires have been pulled out and replaced with properly connected new ones. Maybe this is similar to the fixation experienced by patients who become attached to their doctors or psychiatrists. I hope they send the same guy next time. I'll look forward to that. Next time I hope I'm not wearing my dirtiest sweatpants and that I've gotten rid of this huge glowing red zit that appeared on my face last week. Sheesh. What a picture I must have made.

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