Thursday, April 26, 2007

thursday walk

I've been working on the house lately and have had to sacrifice my "art" time. Posting on this blog is my small way of keeping myself doing at least one small creative thing. I find myself also looking for "assignments" from other blogs and from groups on Flickr. My latest creative boost for photography is from Utata. This photo is from my first "Thursday Walk." I've been extremely lax about exercising and realized this was a small kick in the butt to get me out at least one day a week. I took a few short walks earlier this week in preparation for today's walk-and-shoot session. My dog, Phoebe, realized that I was going out and was so excited that I've had to start bringing her with me. The walks benefit both of us, of course, but it's sometimes hard to focus the camera when she wants to take off after some interesting scent.

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