Friday, April 13, 2007

Office Move

I'm moving into a new cubicle at work. I packed all my stuff into two cardboard boxes yesterday. When I return to the office on Monday they will have been relocated to my new cell, if all goes as planned.

Lego Guy here (an office mascot located in the coffee/copy/fax area) is ready, too. You can see he's got his stuff in the official-size supplied cardboard box. The piece of cardboard inserted into his cubicle between his desk and the box is there because the "move" is really a matter of disassembling the cubicles in our office and re-assembling them so they are about 30% smaller than they were. I think we're going to have to find a new cube for Lego Guy, too.

Notice Lego Guy has used the requisite Green Sticker for this week's move. God forbid he should use the orange sticker from last week's move; his stuff would end up in the trash bin. The label thing is one of those corporate mandates that makes no sense to me. Our move/reconfiguration is being done in 4 phases. The office was divided into 4 sections. The group scheduled for moving packs their stuff and leaves on Friday. On Saturday and Sunday the moving crew comes in, moves the boxes out of the scheduled area, reconfigures the cubicles, and moves the boxes back into the appropriate cubes. Each box is labeled by its owner with the appropriate cubicle number so it gets to the right place. I don't understand why the label must also be a certain color. It's a little like the post office saying they won't deliver mail to a particular state unless the address is written on a colored label specified by the government.

I guess I should be grateful I wasn't required to attend a seminar on how to pack my stuff into the cardboard box.

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iHanna said...

yuck! your work space sound so... corparate and horrible. I hope you get to do something fun in your cubicle? :-) cute guy though. :-)

take care!