Saturday, April 14, 2007

tornado warning

A series of tornadoes passed through North Central Texas last night. Here is a photo of a small church in Haltom City, just east of Fort Worth, that had its roof ripped off and another photo of a funnel cloud approaching Oak Cliff in the southwest part of Dallas just minutes later. If you've never seen an approaching tornado you don't know how scary it is. I'm really glad McKinney was too far north to really worry about this storm. I was especially glad we moved when I heard about the damage that occurred just a few blocks from where we used to live in Dallas. I hate tornado season.
About 3 weeks ago the two signs you see at the upper right suddenly appeared in the office where I work. I've worked in this building for eleven years and we only just now got these signs and a plan of action for tornadoes. I think this happened because of the lawsuits in Alabama filed against a school where some students were killed when a tornado devastated the school. The people in charge had no plan in place and kids died because of it. I guess my corporate masters didn't want the same thing happening to them. These areas that are labeled aren't even the primary tornado shelters. It takes about five minutes to get to the real shelter, a little quicker if you're running, but tornadoes tend to travel much faster than humans do.

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