Tuesday, April 03, 2007

new blog header

I've been fooling around with my template's html. I've wanted to change my header from the default plain type to a personalized one but I could never figure out how to do it. I know only a little html and haven't had much interest in learning more. I've got enough stuff jammed into my brain as it is. But I really really wanted a new header.I downloaded the page source code of pages similar to mine and compared the code, but there was just too much code for me to figure out where people had inserted their illustrations. I thought, too, that I would probably need to have my illustration hosted somewhere so Blogger could see it. I have been bugging people to help me with what I thought must be an easy task. I'm sure I've been annoying. At last I found a way to do it! yay.

The instructions are at Beta Blogger 4 Dummies. As I suspected, you do need to have your illustration hosted somewhere, but Google is kind enough to provide 100MB of free space at Googlepages

There is also a Blogger Help Group with a discussion on customizing templates.

For anyone who wonders where I got my avatar, I cropped it from this photo of a colorful trash bin behind a vegetarian cafe in Fort Worth, Texas. It's best viewed large so you can see some of the great stickers. It's the only time I've seen this sticker posted.

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