Tuesday, January 02, 2007

the Chi of Pipes

I was asking myself why I've been having so many problems with my plumbing lately when it occurred to me that the flow of Chi is sometimes equated with the flow of water. When you design or decorate a house using the principles of Feng Shui you must take into account the flow of Chi through the house. You don't want it to be blocked yet it mustn't rush through like a torrent. So I got to thinking maybe I can learn about my own Chi by thinking about my home's drainage problems. However, as "Mr. Ekko" from "LOST" warned, "Don't confuse coincidence with fate."

There are two things that my pipes may be telling me. First, the warning that my creativeness is being blocked and I must work to unblock the obstructions so it can flow better. Second, that the obstruction to the flow is a lot of old crap in my psyche that I need to let go of. So maybe I should be thanking my pipes instead of cursing them.

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