Monday, January 15, 2007


I spotted a new visitor to the bird feeders. I think this is a yellow- rumped warbler. It definitely has a big yellow spot on its rump! There are several differently-named birds with similar markings but now I have this photo to help me identify it. It's noisy but I think the grain evokes the feeling of cold.

It's 23 degrees outside which is pretty cold to me. I listen to weather reports about Denver being -1 or Minneapolis being -14 and am so glad I don't live in a cold place. I'm like a bear when the temperature dips near the freezing zone. My blood turns to sludge and all I want to do is hibernate. I didn't go to work yesterday but the predicted disastrous weather conditions never materialized. The roads are worse today but I have to drive those 40 miles. I called my boss and everyone else got to work okay. I'll have to alllow myself 2 hours for the drive in case the HighFive overpass/mixmaster is frozen over.

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