Thursday, January 11, 2007

Love by The Beatles

I've been briefly reviewing some of the music I listen to over in the "on my iPod" section, but the length of my critiques has been getting longer and I hate deleting all that mental exercise. (ha, ha!) I've decided to keep the iPod section as a teaser and let the longer critiques run as posts. I may change my mind but it's MY blog, after all.

Do we really need another Re-Mix of Beatles material? Maybe it's because I grew up listening to the "original" mixes of these songs, but I don't understand the popularity of this album. Aside from the a capella version of "Because" interspersed with the bird twitters of "Across the Universe" and a reverse-rendition of "Sun King" I felt this album was nothing more than an exercise in cleverness. It is indeed, very clever, and I'm sure Giles Martin may have as successful a career as his dad after working with him on this piece, but cleverness alone wears mighty thin mighty quickly. These pieces are meant to accompany Cirque Soleil's latest Las Vegas production and they're probably ideal as a backdrop to graceful acrobatics, but the album as a whole comes across as mere muzak. I prefer the energetic life of the originals.

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