Monday, January 29, 2007

thought compost

I received my list of names today of people to whom I'm to send my Valentine postcards. This sketch was what I came up with after doing my six preliminary drawings. I did this sketch actual size of the postcard. I originally envisioned a vertical format but it turned into a horizontal one after I added more elements.

I hope they will enjoy my final creation but they may find my interpretation of a "valentine" to be a little bizarre if not downright dark. I was talking to my friend L. about it and he asked me if it was satirical. First I said, "no" but then, "I don't know"; then I said, "yes". Then I got to thinking about the rock band R.E.M. and how people often asked them to interpret their enigmatic lyrics. I think it was Peter Buck who spoke for the band, saying, "They're just songs."

I often don't know where my art comes from or why it comes out the way it does. My experiences in life cause me to look at things a certain way and when I sift through scraps of paper some images take hold of my fingers and before I know it they're essential elements of a composition.

While thinking about why my valentine came out the way it did I've had to start thinking about what valentine's day really means to me and that turning-over process is generating some good ideas, just as turning dead leaves and garbage in an enclosed bin produces rich black compost that helps plants grow.

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