Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Trucks

These four women from Bellingham, Washington are at once raunchy and ethereal. Their "I ain't takin' no crap from some jerk" attitude makes me wish I'd had role models like them when I was growing up. Most if not all of these tunes will never be played on the radio as there is profanity and/or sexual innuendo in abundance. The vocals range from punk-style screams to sweet rapping against electronic-pop backgrounds. Not for everyone, but I enjoyed almost every track.

My favorite rap from "3 a.m.": 3 am, drivin' my Mack, revved my engine when I saw him: boy in a dress, in distress, that's the kinda boy makes me arrest.....!" Do-wop vocals backed by pulsing bass.

or the sweetly nostalgic little-girl voices of "Bike" wafting from the jump-rope circle or hopscotch squares: "pedal, pedal, chain and metal, we went riding with the devil"

Rock on, Ladies!

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