Wednesday, January 03, 2007

make a fuss over me

Yesterday I discovered Michael's blog of interesting records that he finds at boot sales (See "Boot Sale Sounds" link at right) and thought I'd post some pics of the few old items I still have in my collection. I have tended to collect all kinds of old objects, some found, some bought cheaply, but have had to part with many of them as I downsized my living quarters over the years.

This is probably the oldest record I own. It's not a wax cylinder but I don't know what it's made of except it's a black brittle shellac-like substance about 3/16" thick. The title of the selection is "Make a Fuss Over Me" from the Columbia company. In parentheses is the word (Baritone). I haven't done any research but maybe the title is familiar to someone (Michael?). Unfortunately I have no device on which to play this record and it would do me little good if I had as the cylinder is broken. But I treasure it just the same.

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