Wednesday, January 24, 2007

squirrel girl

Here's "Rufina" the squirrel stealing the bird food again. One of my first pics with the new lens I got yesterday. It's sharp!

The smallest things can really turn your attitude around. Last night on that 40-mile drive home I noticed 4 or 5 times I was paying more attention to the neon lights that line the freeway than I was to traffic around me. I realized I had probably come to the point of tiredness that I usually come to after days of working overtime that my brain and body are fried. As if to prove me right brain & body slept an extra hour this morning. Yep, I'm Fried.

Then I got an invite to a Valentine's Day postcard swap which would require some creative thought. I hesitated. I don't have time. My eyes are bloodshot. My brain is a turnip. Then I remembered that a deadline can sometimes wring blood from a turnip. So I signed up.

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