Thursday, February 01, 2007

look fast, it's gone

It snowed for about five minutes yesterday. The local tv weathercasters busted out their "Arctic Blast" banners again. That probably explains why there was so little traffic on the road last night. If I had turned on the tv I could have found some slim excuse to stay home from work. Pathetic, isn't it? I'm a kid hoping for a snow day. Common sense prevailed. I did not turn on the tv. The snow went away. I went to work. All that remains is the memory and this photo.

I've been thinking a lot about the human urge to "have the last word" in an argument. Every so often, usually in winter, I will surf the web looking for people I used to know. Usually I don't find them but about a month ago I found someone whom I once respected and on whom I had tremendous crush. We were friends for a time but it ended after an argument over something trivial. I apologized (even though I thought he was wrong) but met with a wall of obstinance. He would not answer my calls or respond to email. End of story. I felt bad until I found his blog recently and learned I was just one of many who met this response. I should be happy but I have this unrelenting fantasy of getting in the last word. I think about sending an email to the blog. Should it be anonymous or not? Should it be really evil or really nice? Should it be anonymous but hint at who I am? As long as I do nothing I can fantasize about "winning". If I do anything I will most likely "lose". I think as long as I think in those terms, I won't be satisfied.

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