Sunday, February 11, 2007

cabin fever

My mom is going to drive me crazy if winter doesn't end soon. She's been poring over all these seed catalogs for the last few weeks, making lists, and ordering seeds and plants. It wouldn't be so bad but she has to tell me every single item she wants to order and ask me where she should plant it. I just want to rest my brain; I don't want to think about designing a garden that she won't plant. It won't really matter much where I want things planted. She will plant them where she wants. She's also got dozens of pots and tin cans in the sitting area with little seedlings growing out of some of them and mold or rust growing in others. I can barely move around to get to a chair so I can read the newspaper in the morning.

We're suppposed to get another "winter blast" this week, possibly with a bit of snow, and I'm hoping winter will just blow itself out this time around. I'm longing for sunshine that lasts more than a day or a few hours.

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