Wednesday, February 07, 2007

rodrigo y gabriela

Last week I kept switching from an old Supersuckers' CD to this more recent one by the Mexico City duo Rodrigo and Gabriela. They got their start in music by playing thrash metal in Mexico City in the mode of Megadeath and Slayer. When that didn't work out they buskered around Europe for a few years, just the two of them and their guitars, Rodrigo on lead and Gabriela on percussion, often creating new songs by ad libbing old metal songs with most folks none the wiser. They finally settled in Ireland where this album went to that country's Top Ten almost immediately on its release.

This album has no lyrics to get in the way of the wonderful instrumentals. I found it in the jazz section but don't let that classification put you off; it's a passion-filled collection of enlivening pieces. My favorite is "El Diablo Rojo" and their unique rendition of Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven" is a wonderful homage to their metal roots.

You can find out more about Rodrigo & Gabriela at My Old Kentucky Blog (Scroll down to January 17) or at the duo's homepage, RODGAB.COM. You can also hear an interview with the duo as well some of their music at World Cafe at NPR.

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