Saturday, February 10, 2007

finding a needle in a haystack

Here is part of my very messy office. It isn't so bad unless I am trying to find something I really need. Like today. I got a call from my realtor in Dallas who said someone has made an offer to buy my old house there. But I needed to find the old survey of the property or I might have to pay to have another one made. Not exactly small change. So I started with the grey filing cabinet back there in the left corner and went through every file folder and then started sifting through all the books, magazines and papers on my shelves looking for just one particular sheet of paper. I had been looking for this paper for two weeks so I wasn't sure I would find anything but I tried to stay positive. The little bit of sun we had this morning faded and it was getting a little chilly so I made a coffee cake and some strong coffee and my mom and I had a cheerful "tea time" about 2 pm. We are so happy someone wants to buy the house. I was rejuvenated by these thoughts as well as from sugar and caffeine and whaddaya know? I found that little piece of paper! Now it's safely tucked into a brown envelope so I can take it to my realtor tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Ooh, yay! Hope it all works out. Speaking of tea time, I think I'll go make some chai.