Friday, February 09, 2007


I started carrying my camera with me again. I've been missing a lot of photo ops by not doing so. I drove by an electrical box off LBJ Freeway with some great graffiti & stickerart that I meant to photograph. I couldn't quite figure out how to get to it and I was always too tired to stop and investigate and last week someone covered the art over with black paint. Sunday there was a fire at some apartments that backed up to the freeway and I kept thinking I could exit and photograph all the firefighters that were still hosing down the ashes. Probably I would not have been able to get that close, but I didn't have my camera anyway. So a few days later I decided my camera would be my traveling companion.

Yesterday I stopped in Plano on my way to work to shoot this '57 Chevy that's in front of Hooters. There was a lot of fog and mist in the air but it seemed appropriate for the orange. I may have to tweak the exposure a little in photoshop but it turned out pretty well without any editing.

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