Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Gust Storm

Finally I'm able to get back to blogging. Our phone's been out since about noon Saturday after our neighbors' ancient oak tree was split by 60 mph gusts of wind and crashed into the street, downing power, cable and phone lines. A firetruck arrived about 3 minutes after three brilliant electrical arcs between two poles successfully fried the transformer. Our short street was blocked at both ends and the fire department requested we stay indoors since there were live wires dangling from the pole at the end of our driveway.

I can't remember having such high winds for such an extended amount of time. They started about dawn and never relented during the daylight hours. About 3 pm the DUST hit. The sky grew dark and orange as the dust grew thicker and thicker. I could taste the grit in my mouth and could literally smell West Texas when I opened the back door to peer out. Even the dog didn't want to be outside. The next day I learned it was the first time a Dust Advisory had ever been issued for North Texas.

My mom went to bed about 6:15 saying there was nothing she could do without light. About 7:30 the power company sent trucks to repair the electrical lines and a gang with chain saws and a front-end loader to clear away the tree. Today it seems like it was weeks ago. That's the trouble with time when you don't have a timepiece - it's a matter of personal interpretation.

Time spent at the dentist = Eternity minus ten. I had a root canal done today and lost all track of time. Now an eternity later it's time for lunch and to get ready for work.

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