Saturday, June 04, 2005

art journal

I found this nice little spiral notebook at a garage sale yesterday for 50 cents. It has a thick board cover and the pages are nice and white. I don't think it's vellum but it seemed like a good way to get started on an art journal. It's about twice the width of an ATC so I can enlarge my scope without feeling too overwhelmed by a large canvas. The ATC format has been a great starting point for me but sometimes my brain can't fit stuff onto a card. The altered book I'm working on is good for practicing composition but I needed a smaller format for practicing some new techniques, comparing inks & paints, etc.

I've been looking at some amazing journals and tips by Teesha Moore. I love the rubber stamps she and her husband sell. I ordered two stamps from them and they sent a couple of extra stamps and some collage bits as a "thank you." What generosity there is in this art community!

I've become much more of a scavenger lately. When I take my dog Phoebe for a walk I am usually keeping an eye out for scraps of paper I can use for collaging. At work I've got to check the packaging material of anything we receive to see if there's something to add to my collection.

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Hanna said...

Me too, I want to save everything papery that comes in my way. Don't see much scraps on the street that I could use though. Will you do a fond-on-the-street collage? That would be cool.

I think it's great that you blog. More collage bloggers/artist is what the world need! :-)