Thursday, June 02, 2005


I had such a great time at Big Bend National Park! It's been over three years since I've been to a nice desert so it was real nourishment for my spirit. Just me and the landscape and a few other hikers. There were still a lot of things blooming, especiailly in the upper elevations, but nothing close to the colors of March and April (so I'm told). I took a lot of photos and I'm still going through them all. I've had a lot of frustration trying to identify many of the wildflowers I saw. My reference books are woefully inadequate so I was searching the web and found this site dedicated to Texas wildflowers. Jo Cox has really put a lot of energy into this great website and now I'm going to be helping in a small way by contributing some of my own flower shots. Since we live 200 miles apart, we're in different geologic regions of Texas so I do see a few flowers she doesn't. Now I have to improve my observation skills to get better shots of plant parts other than the blossoms.

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