Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I ate the red ones!

The 4th & 5th tomatoes of the year. Yumm. As Guy Clark wrote, "what would life be without homegrown tomatoes?" Yesterday someone brought tomato & mozzarella sandwiches drenched in olive oil & vinegar. I will have to make some of those if we get big tomatoes.

We're getting Tiger & Photoshop CS-2 installed at work this week and next. I hate getting new software as summer arrives because it means I'll have to learn all the new stuff while under extra pressure. At least there may be a week of grace so I can get familiar with it. The scripting on our FileMaker database has been getting locked up so that's not a good sign. And worry is spreading because we have not got the photos this week that were already two weeks late. Our prognosis has already changed since Monday. I was told yesterday I'm definitely getting someone on second shift to run the proofing and laminating machines. We replaced one of our old Kodak proofers with a new machine that runs twice as fast but it is so labor intensive that I can't run it and do my regular work as I did before. I'm reminded again of The Religion of Technology by David W. Noble which discusses how technology is not meant to make our lives easier.

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