Thursday, June 09, 2005

making sense

I was invited to join a new group on Flickr called "we don't make sense." One of my favorite albums was the Talking Heads' "Stop Making Sense" so the title of the group appealed to me. But what is "sense"? How do I NOT make sense? I posted this photo of sticker graffiti that I really liked but no one had ever commented on. I figured it must not have made sense to anyone but me.

I don't think it's possible to really STOP making sense unless you have become senseLESS and by that I mean lacking the ability to sense things such as being in a vegetative state. The simple act of labeling, whether or not the label itself makes
sense, is making sense. Even the most deranged mentality is probably trying to make sense of things.The perceptions are different and so are the coping mechanisms.

We have unexpected visitors from Tennesse today. I wonder how they will react to the non-functioning doorknob on the front door? Will it make sense to them? It makes sense to me!

I have Tiger at work now. A no-brainer after becoming used to Panther. Biggest change is I have some widgets on the Mac dashboard. I don't understand the excitement my nerdy co-workers display over them; they only seem like eye-candy to me. There's even a widget for the Flickr Zeitgeist but it's so tiny it might as well not be there. As long as the operating system works so I can get my job done I'm happy. Today I'll be getting Photoshop CS2 which will be more of a challenge. Every upgrade in Photoshop has required more mouse moving and thus more wrist problems. The program is geared to creativity, no doubt about that, but it's not geared to improve the plight of the workers who mass produce for hours on end.

I have learned through the grapevine that Freelancer "A" has been offered a permanent position at another company. My boss has counteroffered because if she leaves now, we have a problem for summer production. The only qualified candidate for her position is a snotty prima-donna who worked for us briefly last summer. He is not a team player and refused to conform to our production system. He also tended to talk more than work. I get really irritated by people like that. If you've agreed to accept money to be part of a production process you just can't be a diva.

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