Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Phoebe has been munching on some of the plants in the back yard. Today it's the squash plants.

The first freelancers started working yesterday. We rely on freelancers to get us through the summer weeks so it's important to have good ones. Even mediocre ones are ok if they're reliable. "A" is a former employee who went to a different job, got laid off in November 2003, and hasn't been able to find a permanent job since. She's reliable, hard-working, funny and has great taste in music. (We share a lot of music at work!) "B" is also a former employee who was fired in September 2004 after more than two years of inconsistency and bad attitude brought on by a bitter divorce and excessive drinking. He can be relied upon to be unreliable. When he freelanced for us this last winter he often failed to show up when he said he would, so it's hard to understand why my boss has hired him again. He has dyed his hair blue and silver which might not look bad on a younger guy, but this man is forty and stuck in the 70's so he looks more homeless than hip.

We work 8-hour shifts this week and will increase to ten hours the following week or two. Initial prediction from my boss is that we won't be in "trouble" until the week of July 12. It will be interesting to see how accurate that prediction turns out.

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