Monday, June 06, 2005

lighten up

roy & dale
Summer Looms. I saw the first sign posted yesterday as a note about "impending production increase" which means it's a matter of a week or so until my life goes "on hold" for 3 months. So when I flipped over my calendar at work and saw Roy & Dale fighting I knew I didn't want to look at it for the rest of the month. We will all be cranky enough soon without a bickering couple looking at us. I think visual surroundings affect us even when we're not thinking about them. Maybe that's why my brain gets confused? because my home office/studio seems to be a big mess most of the time. I'm making an effort to keep it neater because I'm getting a big collection of paper bits, magazine clippings, paint, glue and otehr stuff related to making collages, and a messy area means I can't find what I want when I want it.

If I can keep up this blog I may be able to leave a record of the annual deterioration that occurs each summer when we have the bulk of our work. I'm way more proficient on my camera than I was a year ago so I may be able to add photos. It's hard to be objective, though, when you are dead tired and trying to meet a deadline almost every day.

We had the first of the Halloween items two weeks ago. I expect the Christmas/Holiday items will appear this week or next.

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