Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Creative time is becoming a faint memory already as the jobs pile up each day at work. We've gone from a backlog of about 88 images to over 200 in just a few days and that's only the beginning.

I glued in my mini-journal today out of desperation to do SOMEthing creative. I'm glad I had some more pages prepped with background color. It's becoming more difficult to do any writing in the journal because of its small size and the giant rings binding the pages, but I would like to keep it for mini collages and to practice technique.

My photographer friend Susie and I are debating the ethics and copyright infringement possibilities of shooting graffiti and then making money off the photos. She is almost definitely going to buy the Canon EOS slr. I like the idea of a digital slr but I'm leaning toward the new Canon Powershot with the 12x zoom and image stabilization. I like the idea of not having to change lenses in the field. And on long hikes every extra ounce feels like a ton of bricks.

here's a video clip of some graffiti artists plying their trade in Germany:

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