Thursday, March 29, 2007

imagine possibilites

Another recent experiment in collage. I tried a couple of things for a background and was unhappy with it til I spotted the guy in goggles. Words about "success" kept jumping off the pages I was clipping and I decided this was my affirmation of the day - to think about success. Later I made up an alphabet of affirmations. My ABC's started like this:




Even though my original idea didn't work as planned, I kept at it with my "regular" collage stuff and it turned out ok.

I'm realizing the sketchbook I'm using for my art journal doesn't stand up well to the layers of stuff I'm starting to glue and paint onto it. The pages are starting to get thicker and to curl at the edges from too much water. Pretty soon I won't be able to fully close the book. I think I'll try a book with watercolor paper in it next.

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