Tuesday, March 13, 2007

springtime for hitler

Whoa! almost a week since I posted. Time flies when you're busy, especially when you're accompanied by gorgeous scenery like these Bradford Pear trees that popped open all over North Texas last week. I didn't need this sign to tell me to "Stop and Look!"

As for Hitler....er Bush.....er Cheney.....er, oh yeah, this week it's Rick "governor" Perry, our worthless republican state ruler who's finally getting some come-uppance. First he tries to saddle Texas with 11 more dirty coal plants from the evil TXU (electric) people and then issues an edict that all school-age girls MUST get the new HPV vaccine to prevent cervical cancer. Even his republican henchmen in the state senate have taken offense at "teflon hair" Perry's attempt to exert personal power. Thing is, in Texas, the governor has no real official power; it's mostly through influence of his personality that he gets things done. Perry was Bush's little protege, and like Bush, he looked good in a crisis. His high profile during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and throughout the approach of Hurricane Rita almost made me like him, much as Bush's appearances after 9-11 made folks like him. Then they both overstepped their positions. Here's hoping Karma takes its course.

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