Thursday, March 22, 2007

o, happy day

In Texas blue is the color of joy.
The bluebonnets are peeking through!

Some days I don't know whether to carry my camera or my art journal with me. Some days I just say "forget them both." Yesterday I picked my camera because the sky had turned dark and I hoped to shoot a couple of white water towers against a black sky. No such luck. The sky went light and started spitting rain but when I got to Irving I had to stop and shoot some of these yellow flowers that are covering fields and many slopes along the highways. As I approached the still-bare mesquite trees I noticed dots of blue in the greenery. It seemed too early but yes! they were bluebonnets. Soon these yellow fields will yield to the onslaught of our State Flower to become a mass of blue.

I feel good!

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Anonymous said...

you don't me- i hope i'm not a bother. i googled blue bonnets and mckinney texas and your site came up. my family just recently moved to the mckinney area and we were hoping to find a field near by to take some family pics at that there were blue bonnets. by chance, would you know of a good spot where there are either blue bonnets or wild flowers near the mckinney area? i know it's a long shot, but i thought it was worth asking. thanks for your time! blessings! hilary