Sunday, March 04, 2007

new adventures of superman

Superman decided to get a new job. The disadvan- tages of having multiple personality disorder, er, an alter-ego were becoming more apparent as each day passed. Clark Kent was tired of being out-scooped by Lois Lane. Every time he had to sneak out of the office to save the world he missed a big story while Lois would be covering it and getting her by-line on the front page. While it was true Superman adored Lois, (Noel? Margot? Teri? who was it this year?) Clark felt spending so much time with her was a ball and chain. He wasn't ready to settle down. And the incessant belittling by that micro-manager Perry White was getting on his nerves.

So Clark quit the Daily Planet and opened a restaurant. At last he could use his superpowers to advantage on the job, checking the souffle in the over with his x-ray vision and using his heatray vision to ensure those dishes were delivered piping hot to expectant diners. He had to hire a chef for each shift and waitstaff to cover the place when he was out fighting crime but Clark was ecstatic. At last HE was the boss.

It's a wonderful life!

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