Tuesday, March 06, 2007

this is my brain

at least this is what my brain feels like.

A Shell.
A Shadow of its Former Self.

I worked a nearly normal afternoon shift Sunday. Then I had to decompress, sleep fast & get up at dawn for an hour and a half drive to work in Monday's Rush Hour. Ha! Doing 20 on a 65 mph freeway is not my idea of Rushing. This was so I could attend a boring mostly useless corporate orientation about stuff I already know or don't really need to know. No wonder we're so inefficient. Meetings meetings meetings. I hate meetings. At least my butt got plenty of sleep during the day. My inner time clock is all screwed up. I came home in the afternoon about the time I should have been going to work. Couldn't stay awake til my normal bedtime so my brain is in a funk.

If I can just hold this position til Sunday I'll be all set for Daylight Savings Time.

What is up with DST coming in early March, anyway?

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